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RFS Energy Consulting & Research Group Inc.

Bringing people together to propel planning, research and climate change policy into the marketplace

Thank you to our wonderful partners!

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About RFS Energy

RFS Energy gets things done. Rooted in years of on-the ground implementation experience in every province across Canada, our team works to support local and national GHG emissions reduction efforts by pushing innovative research, concepts and plans into the market. 


“We find ways to connect the dots & people - Building relationships across Canada to connect innovative researchers and concepts with target driven organizations.”


With 50+ years of combined experience working with over 25+ utilities and government agencies across Canada - our team draws from a unique perspective rooted in on-the-ground program implementation to support clients and bring innovation to life.

Commitment to Our Community

As a mission driven team RFS Energy works to make impacts in the communities that they call home, not only giving back but also fostering a community that they are proud to live in and work in.

Land Acknowledgement

As a virtual team that lives and works across these lands also known as Canada, RFS Energy acknowledges the traditional territories of the many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples that have called these lands home since time immemorial. We recognize and honour our treaty relationships and our responsibilities to the land, history and customs of Indigenous peoples with whom we share these lands.

We encourage readers to learn about the Indigenous history of where they live and work and to reflect on their own relationship with the land and what meaningful actions they can take towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

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