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RFS Energy Consulting & Research Group Inc

Bringing people together to propel planning, research and climate change policy into the marketplace

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About RFS Energy

RFS Energy gets things done. Rooted in years of on-the ground implementation experience in every province across Canada, our team works to support local and national GHG emissions reduction efforts by pushing innovative research, concepts and plans into the market. 

“We find ways to connect the dots & people - Building relationships across Canada to connect innovative researchers and concepts with target driven organizations”

Meet The Team 

With a group of innovative and collaborative individuals that each bring their own unique and valuable traits and skill to the team, the atmosphere is always inclusive and creates a drive in each and everyone apart of it.

Clients & Partners 

Our organization is mission driven - meaning everything we do and decision made is around impact. Our partners are no different. The bulk of our work includes partners and clients across Canada in the non-profit (thinktanks), academic and government space.


Past & Present Projects Section - Coming Soon!

Consulting Services to On-the-Ground Research

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Click below to view a full list projects that we have and are currently working on. 

Community Commitment

RFS Energy is committed to giving back to the communities where we work & live.

Hands Up

Learn more about our community commitment below

Contact Us

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For information on our services and projects - please feel free to reach out

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